"I can't really explain what INRGI is, other than it's an experience of a side of my personality that most people don't get to see."

Hello World ||  Last night was amazing, I had a chance to perform my INRGI set  at the Democratic Governors Association during the DNC 2016 in Philadelphia.  What an amazing time! Thanks again to David Silver & Rec Philly for having me!  Thank you to my lil bro @jusbeano for always holding me down. πŸŽ·πŸŽΊπŸŽ·πŸŽ· I can't do this without My Horns!!πŸ™ @iamninarosen @koreyriker @csmusic1 @darryldbsax S/O to @bristeves @dopaminedreamz @joey_stix @writelaughdream @christof.vantrap and everyone else that enjoyed the show πŸ™. God is Good!

Hello World || INRGI returned to Philadelphia for the second time and it was incredible! This time it was at Bourbon & Branch for Beano x Dj Ricochet's monthly event "Rents Due". When I 1st started performing my INRGI set I had a vision of doing it at their event and everything played out just how I envisioned it! If it's on your mind, it's in your future!  My special talent for the night was Aaron Camper , wait until you hear what we got in store! It really was an amazing night, and I def felt the love in the room.  Most of the footage came from the fans and supporters that were there that night. I wanted to give you a Fan's POV of what they saw and felt. The word about this INRGI set is getting around and it feels great! Can't wait to take it to another city!

Hello World || now look at God, like I said before, I'm excited for what the future holds for my INRGI sets. This is what hard work, investing in your craft and over coming fears looks like! After attending my 1st show in Philly, Dave of Rec Philly reached out and invited me to do my INRGI set at SXSW on the Amplify Philly stage. I can't even explain all of the hard work that went into putting this together. Thanks for everyone that had a hand in this! Since I was in TX, I flew to Dallas to pick up some AMAZING horn players then drove to Austin for the show. During every INRGI set I always like to bring out a surprise guest/talent so last night my homie D woods came out to help rock the crowd! The INRGI was dope. Overall I had a great time, I learned ALOT, and happy we were able to put this thing together! Looking forward to working with Rec Philly again!

Hello World || when I started this, my goal was to be able to create a platform that not only showcases my production but also showcases artists I believe in. I wanted to create something that felt honest and true to my personality as well as my talents. I wanted to create a live DJ set for all ages to enjoy.  So even though this is only my 2nd official show, I'm so excited about what the future holds for my INRGI sets . We're just getting started!  Here I am at DROM rockin & rollin! 

Hello World ||  The #INRGI was high at Pub Webb Live as music producer and performance DJ, Dilemma brought his unique vision to life. As a part of the Philly Music Room series, this one was a show for the record books as Dilemma put on an hour and half show of pure, unadulterated #INRGI. His live show featured fog cannons, dancing, performances by surprise artist, and a full horn section at one point even including Dilemma himself on sax. His on-stage presence was explosive and the audience had no idea what they were in for. His musical prowess led the crowd on a journey from Jersey club and EDM through his Fl!Ps on popular records to many of today’s hottest club anthems. The opening DJ set featured LA-based DJ Selectra who set up the crowd masterfully for Dilemma to come and crush the stage. One of the most unique shows Philadelphia has seen to date, you will not want to miss the next wave of #INRGI so check the event page for the next show!