Ablum Spotlight " Tha Carter 3" Lil Wayne

OK so the album sold a million plus in it's 1st week....Congrats to Lil Wayne and his Marketing Camp....but just because a albums sells alot doesn't mean its a Great Album It just means that a lot of people copped...I was a lil disappointed in the album to be honest and no I'm not hating on wayne because i was really looking foward to the album. Tha Carter 3 was more Swag over Content. And to hear certain big name Radio Dj's call it a classic?!?! What?!? Listen, a classic album is an album you can just play from of start to finish period ...and I found myself skipping more songs then i thought i would....on a scale of 1-10 i give it a 7.8!

Carter 1 is still my favorite album from him and just a better whole complete album and if the million plus can't see or hear that then maybe hiphop is dead...

Total Breakdown of the Album:

3peat- He's Rapping all over the place..one line is About this and next line is about that....until he started talking about " When i 14..." 2mins into the song, so until then...?!?!? what the hell are you talking about?!?! the Beat saved the song...

Mr Carter- Just Blaze and Jayz...Very Good Song ... Should've been the 1st song

A Milli- (THE SUPER SWAG SONG OF THE YR) This track is like the new Cute Light-Skin Girl that just moved in your town....Everyone wanna taste..feel me?...This was the fastest song i liked then 2 days later hated it...No more Freestyle over this beat please....

Got Money- ASS(Skip)....if you gonna make a Money song make it better then the Last 35 Money songs we just heard on the radio.....Tick Tick...

Comfortable- Another Good Song...Babyface on the hook.....nice beat...

Dr.Carter- Nice Idea...sounds a lil like what Vers And I did at the start of PostaBoy Album...I like this song...or i just might like the beat better

Phone Home- Cool and Dre Really Good Try...probably wont listen to it again..but you had me for a second.....Do the Wezzy We?...how bout no!

Tie my Hands- Nice Switch up but i personally dont like Robin "Maxwell Swag" Thicke Wayne went in..good job wayne

Mrs. Officer- Ass...the hook killed it for me...sorry

Let the Beat Build- Ass Period who was in the studio and said that this was hot

Shoot Me Down- Ass...Never really had a direction i think he just did this because of the whole rock and roll thing he's on right now

lollipop- Why the hell is this song 5mins long...shit!! too long..again swag or content

LaLa- I like David Banner so i like this Song...hook and beat and wayne did ok

Playing with Fire-..???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ass

You Aint Got Nuthing- Fab and Santana killed it...wayne??? ????????? sorry Skip

Dont Get It- This Sample was used by Common on Finding Forever....it was a good ending and the talking .......whocares...i wont make it tht far into the song any way to hear it....