Hello World Friends Spotlight # 1 Ski & Drew

Ok so,  i know i'm crazy late with this but shit i've been busy damit!....I would like to take this time 
to spotlight 2 of my Day One Homies...
Ski aka.. Luther Vandross Son aka " Where's Ski?" Boo Loving in his car. Aka Mr. Always with a Fresh Cut Aka Mr. Yall better eat quick cuz Ski's on his way over...and O my Favorite Mr. " Ayo Dan, i think i broke your hot tub !" WHAT!!!! and aka Mr. Won't anwser your call but will text you right after you call him and be like " Yo whats up? "

 & Drew aka.. Phil Jackson...aka The Coolest & Freshest Nerd I know hands down ... aka Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince..aka When i say great i mean......Great!!...aka Pitcher's DO catch fly balls..jerk!" aka Every year's trip coordinator aka Black Evils
lead singer... And also the Only dude that can talk his way out of a ticket....Well just not in V.A..lol....
These guys are just a few friends that have been here since day one and has helped me grow as a person and for that i thank you my niggas..
check out drew's blog too funny as shit
( Look for the link that says)
"Ayarepee is funny as shit."