Spider Loc "Chillax" Ft Mel Produced by Versatile&Dilemma

This Music Thing is so crazy at times you never know who will just pop up and reach out to you.....

Spider Loc is an artist on G-Unit. He just dropped his mixtape untitled " Da 1 U Love 2 Hate" and Versatile and I produced and track on there untitled "Chillax". One afternoon out of the "blue" i get an email from Spider Loc saying " Yo Dilemma its Loc from the Unit Call Me Asap ###-###-#####"....So at 1st i really thought it was joke but i said "what the heck" , i called him and he told him that he recorded to one of my tracks and he wanted to know if he could use it for his mixtape/album. (
now normally when this happens most artist never reach out to the producers to let them know and then the producers just end up hearing it on a mixtape months later so since he did reach out to me, i respect that) I asked him which track? and he told me the track was called Stand Up. I started to laugh cuz i thought to myself "that's crazy" Versatile and I did that track a while ago when we were trying to get on any G-unit project when 50,Banks,and Buck were all working on their 2nd albums. Since he had already record to it, there isn't much i can say or do other then ask if he could email me the song so i could hear it. When i hear it i was like....Shit this is Ass!..lol...and it didn't have a hook or 3rd vers...so i called him back and of course lied saying that i like it...i told him it migh need a 3rd vers and i'll write a hook to it and he was cool with that as long as the hook had the word "Chillax" in it. So one day i was in a session with this real talented singer from my town...Mel... and i told him what i had wrote and he jumpped in the booth and laid it down -One take Hov style! When Mel is focused he's a problem man.He killed it and I sent it back to Loc and he Loved it!!...So a few weeks later, Loc recut his vocals over and added a 3rd vers and it sounded 10x better then the 1st time i heard it.... So the song "Chillax" was born!! hope you enjoy!..

P.S I still don't know how on earth he got the track in the 1st place..... Maybe someone at the G-Unit office.... who knows!?!?