Album Review- T.I 's "Paper Trail"

I was introduced to T.I.P's music in 2003 , on a plane ride back from the ATL, ...a few hours before i jumped on the plane i went to a mom&pop music store and told them i'm was from out of town and i wanted the hottest CD out right now. They gave me a mixtape called " Gansta Grillz" with Outkast and Dj Drama, T.I' s 2nd album "Trap Music" and a David Banner album. I listened Trap Music straight through and by the end of the cd i was like .." Wow".... that was a great album..and it had a certain southern swag to it that really had me feeling like i lived in the dirty Then he dropped "Urban Legend", another good album and then "KING".. which i honestly didn't like. Today I think i've found my favorite album of 2008 and it's   "PAPER TRAIL"...TI Really Killed this Album.. the overall sound of the album was a lil popish with REALLY BIG HOOKS and SING ALONGS but the songs are CRAZY. Lyrics Outstanding, Production Awesome and the Topic's where Dope too. This is exactly how you bounce back from all the media's funny cuz no matter how much media drama happens to can all be forgotten with HIT RECORDS !!( for example Michael Jackson...R. Kelly..Jay-z Kanye West ect..)  Here's my take on the Album Song for Song...

1-56 Barz - Dope intro.. good way to start of... from the jump he's coming at Shorty Lo

2- Im Illy- Very Raw- Lyrics Go Hard ....He sounded like he was like " What?!? Do you Know who you Fucking With" before he starting recording....

3- Ready for Whatever- Nice bounce, the same TI bounce he always use but it works so fuck it

4- On Top of the World- Luda Killed it, Hands Down good to hear them on the Same Track

5-Live your Life- Probably right my favorite record because again The Lyrics the beat is dumb dope...hook very catchy, you cant go wrong with Rihanna right now...Even though she's in the Pop World...her sound is very Global and works perfect with this song..If not Her i could sing Akon Doing this record as well ..this is gonna look crazy "Live"

6- Whatever you Like- Song for the cant help but to sing along....shit! but i think it's he's swag that sells the record...

7- No Matter What- This is was the 1st song i heard from the album and even-though he's going in..i think i'd past on this one....this is a great song for a War Movie or Struggle but Overcome type of Movie

8- My Life Your Entertainment- Hot

9- Porn Star- Cool but not my twist...the only record i like that he did in this kind of style was from Trap Music and it had Jazzy Fae on the Hook..that record was dope

10-Swing Ya Rag- Swizz...Swizz Record...Club Bangger hands down

11- What's Up What's Happen- This is my Favorite Record on the Album....If your Shorty sorry but he KILLED YOU on this Record...and made sound like it was easy and fun doing it too... The same feeling i get when i hear "What you know about that", or Kanye's " Can't Tell me Nothing " I get when i hear this song.....THE HOOK IS HUGH! I Gotta see this song performed live!

12- Every Chance I Get- Going in Again...

13- Swagga Like Us- K West - did cool- Jayz- Kill it- Wayne- ????? what the fuck did he say?..i guess it was ok....T.I- he went in...he was like fuck playing

14- Slide Show- this was kool...nice smooth... lyrics dope..and John Legend did his thing..
(even-though i dont like him and his

15-You Aint Missin Nothing- When listening to this i felt like this is the song that TI will be listening to the much when he has to serve his sentence ....

16- Dead and Gone- I think that was Justin Timberlake on the hook...this song is really dope..
it shows how far T.I was grown and a artist and as a man...real dope song..

OVERALL- 9.5 out 10 and a MUST COP