BatCave Radio Thursday's 12am-2am 91.7fm

So after my Phillies won Game1 i was driving home...And i was trying to find something on the freaking radio since it's only normal to get sick of the same 10 songs 15 times a day for 3 weeks...Mannn Fuck Dat!!...I normally listen to my Temple Jazz station 90.1 but i wasn't in the mood for Trane or Bird. I then stumbled across this station 91.7fm and they were playing Hip Hop , no real Hip hop... Camp Lo, Big L and Unsigned artist and you know "Come Up" show-ish but fresher i think...I had to take my home boy back to Camden so i decide to see what was good with this station....the show was called "BATCAVE RADIO" it's Drexel's College radio station and the show is pretty dope, i then decide to call up there to network and send some of my joints over to the On-Air hopefully you'll hear a few "Hello World's" in the it out 

Every Thursday to 12am-2am