Dilemma's 25 X-Mas Wish List...Item # 1 "BEATS"

Black Friday I went to the Apple Store in Cherry Hill to see what deals they had going on and as soon i got done greeting all 6 annoying Apple Workers at the door,  i saw these dope Black and Red headphones on the table attached to a itouch.... 
If you know me then you know my favorite colors are Black & Red, so as I picked them up and i read "Beats. by Dr. Dre?!?"  "Dr. Dre has his own Head Phones?!?
...dope"... I tried them on to see if it was just hype and it really felt and sounded like Pure Heaven,..I could even hear little angels in the back of the headphones singing "Buuuuyy meeee"..... So this is a Must Have this Xmas....and even though their a lil high in price, I've been a good boy this year, and  their the best headphones I've ever put on my ears in my life so...BOSE who?..