New Music-Casino"1st We Gon Drink" produced by Dilemma

Check on this record Let me know what yall think would you dance/drink to it?

(slide note)
I just got a myspace message from a Artist Name Redikalis and he brought to my attention that he has a song called "Drink On" (check it out @  and it has pretty much has the same idea for the hook. Now since i really don't know him or even heard of's just real crazy that both of our hooks sound that much alike plus, the same words and in the same order...crazy right?!? all yall that know me, know that i had this record and idea for a Very Very Long Time (how long cradi?) I tried to get Peddi Crack on it when i 1st made it but that didn't happen. then Meek this right here goes to show you that...well i don't even know what this shows you, this shit is just too crazy to Again I nor Casino did not take your idea or hook...i write tons of hooks i never and would never do that homie...