S.S.S In the Studio with Beans, Re-Up Gang Members, & Stylistics Member

Busy Week @ Sigma Sound Studio!...
Guess who's back...Mac B*cth!..lol... Thursday night was a very productive night. Beans came through Sigma to play me some of his album. I also played him a bunch of records..."Wait until yall hear his new album" Whoa!.. He's back to his old self, he's really going in!.. I've always been a hugh fan of his album "Be Coming" & I personally thought he couldn't out do that album but man....the records i heard, if they make the new album...Smh...by far one of the Best Rappers Alive... top 5. & Wait until you hear what we came up with.....Hello World!
Wednesday night I had a chance to met and have a listening session with, 2 members of the Clipse "Re-Up Gang" Liva & iCan..Both well respected as Philly Legends and both crazy sick behind the mic! If you don't know who the "Re-Up Gang" are....Please do yourself a favor and download "
Ok Tuesday afternoon, I'm in a session with a talents new Female artist when the door swings opens and Stewart (a member of the Stylistics) walks in the studio..
(you know I had to play him."Everybody wants to be a producer" since it was a Stylistics sample..he liked it!