Reinvention – “Forgot” (ft. Florence and the Machine)

Been waiting for a minute to introduce these guys to you. Reinvention. If you’re sitting around waiting for another Das EFX, Nas, or Mobb Deep to emerge, claiming that hip-hop is dead and holding on with all your might to dusty loops and boom-bap beats, you’re getting lapped by the new guys.

There will always be a place for that classic hip-hop sound, but don’t try to resist change. Right now, hip-hop is growing at exponential rates. We all love the James Brown samples, but Florence and the Machine? Yeah, you can feel things shifting right? Just try to keep swimming, or you’re going to start to sink.

We’re DJ Entendu and Classic, and together we make up Reinvention. Reinvention is a two-piece experimental hip-hop outlet from Drexel University, founded just a few months ago in the same studios that spawned Chiddy Bang. We blend influences from indie rock and electronica with more traditional hip-hop music and try to make huge bangers that can appeal to anybody from a dancing fiend to a top-down, wind-in-your-hair, cross-country roadtripper.

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