God Loves Me #1 -Malice's Book Excerpt

"This is very powerful, a friend of mine dropped by the studio late tonight, because he thought our friends from paris were here, but they weren't. Both being Sons of God,  him & I began to talk about God, and our walks ect...., he introduced me to 2 new Christian Speakers Matt Chandler, & Mark Driscoll, i watched a few youtube clips of them and both of them are real dope, check them out.....Then he brought up this video/ book excerpt #1 from a member of one of my favorite rap groups... I was taken by how close "yet still different" Malice's situation was/is to mine. This hits close to home for me man,  It's amazing how God works. Yes it was hard, and painful at times, but it's because of your strength & grace,  Lord i have a smile on my face 1 year later....Thank you father"
This one hits home..