Product Review || Lenovo Moto360 x MotoX

The good people at Lenovo x Moto were kind enough to send me their new Moto 360 smart watch and Moto X smart phone. For the past 10 days, I’ve used both products and here is my product review: 

Moto 360 (smart watch), Starting at $299.99

This is the first smart watch I’ve ever owned so I can’t really compare it to the Apple Watch. I was really impressed by how user-friendly the watch is. It didn’t take me long to get the hang of it. It was simple to sync with the phone, but it did take a few minutes for it to connect. Ultimately, I was impressed with the communication between the watch and phone. It has a good size display screen, especially when I receive calls and the vibrant pictures from my contacts pop up. The battery life is great. The design of the watch is also one that turns heads. The voice capture system is incredible and very accurate. Even more so than the iPhone.

There were a few cons still with the watch. The first being the band. It felt a little cheap and like it may break easily. Also, the notifications keep reoccurring even after you clear them, they don’t go away. There was also a moment when the watch restarted itself randomly. Lastly, it’s hard to keep the screen clean and clear because you are touching it so much.

Top 3 Pros and Cons


·       User friendly

·       Lightweight

·       Battery life


·       Watch band

·       Notifications won’t clear

·       Random restarts

Moto X Smartphone, Starting at $399.99

I’ve been an iPhone user since they came out. This is my first smartphone that wasn’t made by Apple. The first three days of dealing with the phone were an adjustment. It wasn’t as user-friendly. But after a few days, I got the hang of it. Beautiful display on the large screen, great for watching videos. The phone speakers sounded great. I also like that the headphone jack is at the top of the phone. The camera and video were excellent no matter the time of day. The turbo charge was amazing and quickly brought the phone back to life. Nice shape and design including the handcrafted leather backing.

I’m not a huge fan of the phone size because though I like the large display screen, it’s not as practical for everyday use, like fitting in a jean pocket, etc. I can’t use the phone with one hand. Since there isn’t a case made for the phone yet, I had a bit of anxiety of dropping the phone because the phone is a bit slippery. The auto correct and formatting for text messaging doesn’t seem as accurate so I find myself spending more time to send a detailed text. Lastly, I received notifications of “Bug Reports” sent to my email from being in social apps. This makes me skeptical of putting my personal information on the phone.

Top 3 Pros and Cons


·       Great sound

·       Great screen display

·       Great design


·       No case

·       Not as user friendly

·       Phone size

Overall, 8 out of 10.  I am still happy that I now own a Moto X because I was tired and over the whole iPhone craze. The longer I am with the phone, the easier it becomes to navigate. #helloworld  #dilemma #musicproducer #dj