My Top 3 records I've produced for Bizzle (God Over Money)

I was introduced to Bizzle's music in 2010. I was riding around with my homie who was playing one of his mixtapes. I heard this one punchline about God saying you can reset your life like a nintendo wifi set and I was like "ayo?! who is that!?!" lol. 7 years later, I've been blessed and forever grateful to have worked on almost every single one of his album since then. With so many good records to choose from, I had to pick my top 3 songs I've produced for Bizzle. 

                          Honorable Mention: Bizzle "God Over Money" 

#3 Bizzle Feat. No Malice


#2 Bizzle Feat. Jonathan McReynolds

Knock Off Love

#1 Bizzle - ft. Lavoisier & Datin

Love We Share