DJ gig

Introducing The TRAKMEET Producer Game Showcase

The TRAKMEET Producer Game Showcase is a brand new, FUN, interactive way to discover new music. This event is for the creators and music lovers!! Join us as two extremely talented teams of PRODUCERS go head to head in trivia, song knowledge, and beat battling.

You too can jump in on the fun as we will pick one audience member to join each team. This spotlights producers in a different way and allows fun interactions with the crowd, Family Feud style!! 

Come join us and catch the beat for a fun night! Free entry with RSVP


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Newest Member of the Coalition Djs (Philly Chapter & Kingdom Djs)

Happy to share that I’m the newest dj added to the@coalitiondjsphilly & @coalitionkingdom dj family s/o@mrcsa2k and @rich_valles29 and my @coalitiondjsphilly squad 💪🏾God’s timing is perfect! I’m here to be authentic, real, and relatable. Let’s move the kingdom forward by showing the love of God & push the good music happening in Philadelphia

Head over to my DJ page click on MIXES to check out my Welcome 2 KINGDOM mix


Introducing Brand New Music App "JAMMER"

What My Ex Do by @beanofrench &@officialdilemma Download the app @jammerapp for free!! The coolest thing about Jammer is that it gives you the opportunity to experience the song in a new way. The listener has full control of how the song is played, so have fun with it! And let me know what what you think about the song!

INRGI || Reuben's Marc {Video} APOV (Audience Point Of View)

I wanted to create a platform where I could spotlight artists I'm working with, showcase my production & curate a special experience for music lovers. Last night was a testament to the fact that INRGI is something special and people appreciate my creative approach to a live show! Special thank you to Larry Lambert for inviting me out, Beano French and of course my INRGI horn players - Chris Stevens, Darryl Bennett, Nina Rosen, Arnetta Johnson. THANK YOU to everyone that came out to have fun! If you wanna book INRGI for a festival or show click here

New Phone Alert || Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Review

I was introduced to this phone this past June at Tech World in San Fran. I finally received mine in the mail yesterday and was SUPER excited to see what it can do and how it'll work with my everyday life style. The Phab 2 Pro is the world's first Tango-enabled smartphone. Tango is a new technology from Google that enables augmented reality (AR) gaming and utilities. All you have to do is look through the Phab 2 Pro, and you'll see objects and information overlaid onto the real world.

Phab 2 Pro $499.99

One of the major issues I have with this phone is that only takes GSM SIM cards and I'm a Verizon user which uses CDMA sim cards. Now, if someone can unlock this phone so I can really use it let me know please lol. Besides that, it has a beautiful display on the large screen, great for watching videos & gaming. The Tango system is really cool, but I can't see myself using it everyday. Whenever I show Tango to my friends, they pretty much say "Ooh like that Poke'Mon app right?!" lol. The phone speakers sounded great. I also like that the headphone jack is at the top of the phone. The front and back cameras and video capturing were excellent no matter the time of day. Nice shape, a lil big, but thats cool, I don't mind it even though I'm not big on BIG phones. Since there isn’t a case made for this phone yet, I had a bit of anxiety of dropping the phone because the phone is a bit slippery. Since I can't really use it as a "phone" yet, it's a pretty cool tablet for right now. 

Top Pros and Cons


·       Great sound

·       Great screen display

·       Great design

.        Finger Print lock


·        GSM Sim cards only

·       Certain apps will close randomly like Instagram (InstaSnap)

·       Price

Overall, 7 out of 10.