Introducing The TRAKMEET Producer Game Showcase

The TRAKMEET Producer Game Showcase is a brand new, FUN, interactive way to discover new music. This event is for the creators and music lovers!! Join us as two extremely talented teams of PRODUCERS go head to head in trivia, song knowledge, and beat battling.

You too can jump in on the fun as we will pick one audience member to join each team. This spotlights producers in a different way and allows fun interactions with the crowd, Family Feud style!! 

Come join us and catch the beat for a fun night! Free entry with RSVP


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Dilemma & team stops by Temple University


#Repost @timothywelbeck
Many thanks again to @officialdilemma,@beanofrench@iamanniemiller, and@jessi_j25 for dropping by my first section of #HipHopandBlackCulture at@templeuniv this past Thursday. Dilemma discussed his decade-plus career in music, his creative process, some of the artists with whom he has worked (@blackthought@meekmill,@jsullivanmusic@migos@bizzle, et al), how he defines success, and he premiered new music. Beano and Annie discussed their process in creating Beano’s beloved new ep #JustBeano. Beano also gave away two tickets to his sold out show (which I heard was one to remember).
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"Don’t allow social media, outside noise, and even those close to you to define your success. Define your own success and what that looks like for you! Don’t be afraid to be flexible with the path and process. The “perfect situation” never looks perfect at 1st."


If you don’t like it, change it, if you don’t know how, YouTube it and figure it out, if it’s not on YouTube, kill your ego, humble yourself and ask ($$) someone who does it better to teach you, then shut up, take notes, listen, apply it, get better at it, then flip it and make it your own" #helloworld

New Music : Beano French "Just Beano EP" produced by DILEMMA

I’ve always admired the relationship between the artist and the producer. JayZ & NoID, Common & Ye’, Dmx & Swizz, Justin & Tim, Snoop & Pharrell, Michael & Quincy. It’s something special and can take years to develop. The level of trust, honesty, commitment, loyalty, patience, and focus is unexplainable. @beanofrench I appreciate you and thank you for trusting in me and allowing me, to be me! The project is HERE and it sounds amazing! Thank you to the writers, musicians, engineers,... everyone!” #helloworld#justbeano

Introducing Brand New Music App "JAMMER"

What My Ex Do by @beanofrench &@officialdilemma Download the app @jammerapp for free!! The coolest thing about Jammer is that it gives you the opportunity to experience the song in a new way. The listener has full control of how the song is played, so have fun with it! And let me know what what you think about the song!

My Top 3 records I've produced for Bizzle (God Over Money)

I was introduced to Bizzle's music in 2010. I was riding around with my homie who was playing one of his mixtapes. I heard this one punchline about God saying you can reset your life like a nintendo wifi set and I was like "ayo?! who is that!?!" lol. 7 years later, I've been blessed and forever grateful to have worked on almost every single one of his album since then. With so many good records to choose from, I had to pick my top 3 songs I've produced for Bizzle. 

                          Honorable Mention: Bizzle "God Over Money" 

#3 Bizzle Feat. No Malice


#2 Bizzle Feat. Jonathan McReynolds

Knock Off Love

#1 Bizzle - ft. Lavoisier & Datin

Love We Share

New Music Darling Baby by Beano French feat: Annie Miller

When creating no idea is a bad one, just be patient which yourself, believe in that idea and bring it to life the best way you know how. Sometimes you might have to come back to the idea years later when you're a lil more developed & apply whatever new tricks you've learned. #DarlingBaby was one of those ideas I had to come back to and I'm so thankful I didn't give up on it when Joe & I started it. God really showed off on this one. The way he put all this together, everyone at the right place at the right time, with the right mindset. No matter where you live, what you don't have, who you don't know, he can make a way- feeling highly flavored.

Beano French feat Annie Miller - Darling Baby

Produced by me
Written by @NoelScales 
Recorded by Dilemma & @JoeLogic215 ( Milk Boy Studio, Phila) 
additional production Matt Gee Wong