Chill Moody

New Music/New Artist- Beano "Let It Go" produced by Dilemma now available on iTunes. please support.

Beano, has to be one of my favorite artist to work with in the city. He has a great voice and energy plus he can perform his butt off! I'm very happy that I got the chance to work with him on this record. With this record I really wanted to capture Beano's personally and energy. We kept it fun, but honest, hopefully you'll enjoy it. I've been playing it whenever I'm out DJ'in, and I always get asked Ayo, whens that Beano jawn droppin? Well, here it is, now available on iTunes, please support indie artist. I'd also like to say thanks to JoeLogic, Frenchie, Ashley Coleman, Chill Moody, Breezy #AGC and Nick for making this record happen. #helloworld