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1yr Anniversary of the Release of Khemist "Puzzle Pieces

They say time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe it’s been a year since the release of “Puzzle Pieces.” seems like just a minute ago from annoying phone calls to working every day in the studio with Khemist. At the end of the day, I’m glad I picked up those calls. Let me walk you through this past year and show you had all the Pieces to the Puzzle fell into place. 
Khemist called me and ask me to come down to Hampton because he was doing this event and it was gonna be crazy! So I had to see for myself … so I took a road trip! I went down to Hampton to see if there was a solid fan base and what connection Khemist had down there. during that trip, We decided to test the market and drop the Puzzle Pieces Sampler, the 1st five records Khemist and i worked on ever.
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It went well! I had to wait for him to get out of school to really start working on the project. So at the end of May we started planning out the album, who was going to be involved, release date, and visuals. This is a video from our very first session.
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I was looking for a singer for one of the hooks for these songs. I had just recently met a kid named Tye James, who would be perfect for this song “Money on the Way.” I liked their chemistry, no pun intended, in the studio. Tye ended up on three records on the album. 
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In the middle of working on the album, Tye started to get opportunities to perform. Since they worked well together, they decided to collaborate and do the shows together. One of their first shows was on the NBC The 10! Show.  Together they would reach a wider audience than we could have thought. Though they are both amazing as stand alone artists it was a great way to promote both of them “at the same damn time” (In my Future voice).
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More shows were starting to come in. We were getting closer to the release date, so we had to turn it up a notch. So we started the “Countdown to Puzzle Pieces” video series. It documented those last few weeks leading up to the release. And gave us the chance to showcase everyone involved in the making of Puzzle Pieces.
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Khemist and Tye’s performance on the NBC 10! Show went so well their sister station in Miami invited us to come down and perform. So once again in the middle of making the project, we had to first find the money, then hop on a flight down to Florida to do Live Miami! Which was one word … amazing.
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The day the album came out, everyone was excited, well Khemist was as excited as he gets, if you know him you know what I mean. All our hard work and dedication, fights, frustration, it was all worth it. For once I really believed that everyone involved believed that they were a part of something classic. We weren’t too concerned with outside opinions while we were creating because the last four months we were following our hearts. The release was a statement, we weren’t going let any of the obstacles, and there were many, stop this project from coming out. So that night … was a celebration.
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So it’s out … the feedback was amazing. The downloads, album sells, comments, were all overwhelmingly positive. He was the big man on campus. The whole game plan worked. So the next stage, was how do we maintain a consistent awareness of the album and how do we get this kid to open up for homecoming? I remember getting a phone call from Khemist saying that the band director wanted to play “Roc da Blue & White” for Football games.

It was then I know that the goal for opening for homecoming was definitely attainable.
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Sooo, He smashed homecoming, but I think one of the biggest highlight of Puzzle Pieces was his interview with FUSE TV and being featured as one of the artist to take place in the first ever FUSE hip-hop cypher. Another television performance but over a million people were tuned in.  They all got their first taste of the talent from this kid from North Philly.
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If you still haven't heard the album, I sincerely suggest that you click this link and download the project for free.


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