Runaway Kanye Film

Art 2 Heart #4- Kanye West - Runaway Film

I know i'm late but, I didn't want to watch this until i heard the whole album, it's 5:41am in i'm waiting for this Pray Line to start, so i decide to watch it until it did. Man, smh, I loved it!, The colors, the story line, I really enjoyed the lights and how it matched the tone of the music, Kanye did a great job with his facial expressions, and Selita Ebanks looked beautiful even as a bird or Phoenix, haha. The Ballerinas KILLED IT!!! I was pretty much glued to my seat the whole time...My favorite part was when Kanye was playing on his MPC 2000xl & Selita was dancing, that really took me to a place i haven't been in a while, I remember what that feeling felt like. To me, one of the best feelings in the world is sharing what you love with someone you care about, and they enjoy it as much as you do, it's a great feeling man...What else, I was cracking up when the dude told Kanye "Your girlfriend is beautiful, u know she's a bird right?" and Ye says ..."No, I didn't notice that" dope. double meaning behind that. I tend to be pulled to things I can relate to. Not saying i dated a bird or anything like that, lol, what i'm trying to say is that, we might find ourself with a person that, to the world looks one way but to us looks other way......I really enjoyed this short film, and as i go through the process of putting together mine, I only hope to impact those who watch it as well...still a Genius Kanye, be blessed...

Moment In Time..