Chasing the Fog by Karim Rashad

When the right person, captures the right visual, at the right time to your musical soundscape magic happens. Karim Rashad is that right person. I've been working with him for years, I'm still blown away of how amazing his mind works and how he sees sound.
 Take a min to vibe out to a little something he put together with my music. 
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DILEMMA || Lenovo TECH WORLD 2016 San Francisco

HELLO WORLD- I was invited to join the Lenovo Insiders at this year's Tech World in San Francisco. I had an amazing time connecting with other Insiders from different parts of the world that I would normally just see posting in the Facebook Group. I've never been to San Fran before so I really enjoyed being able to take a tour of the iconic sites like the Golden Gate Bridge and so much more.
I'm looking forward to see which new Lenovo phone will impact the world more; the Moto Z or my personal favorite the Phab 2 Pro. Oh and of course I got a sneak peak of what's to come including bending screens and smart shoes. Sign me up, size 10.5/11us please! I'm always amazed by the engineers and designers over at Lenovo. As a engineer and designer of sound, I admire the work that goes into each detail of each product and still keeping the cool factor, which is very important. Check out my recap video above because INsiders never stand still!

DILEMMA INRGI || Returns to Philadelphia

Hello World || INRGI returned to Philadelphia for the second time and it was incredible! This time it was at Bourbon & Branch for Beano x Dj Ricochet's monthly event "Rents Due". When I 1st started performing my INRGI set I had a vision of doing it at their event and everything played out just how I envisioned it! If it's on your mind, it's in your future!  My special talent for the night was Aaron Camper , wait until you hear what we got in store! It really was an amazing night, and I def felt the love in the room.  Most of the footage came from the fans and supporters that were there that night. I wanted to give you a Fan's POV of what they saw and felt. The word about this INRGI set is getting around and it feels great! Can't wait to take it to another city!

New Music || "I'm Wit It" Sevin's Purple Heart produced by Dilemma

New Music || The newest member of the #GodOverMoney family Sevin first release #PurpleHeart has started strong on the charts today. Reaching No. 5 on iTunes's Hip-Hop/Rap Albums chart. Support Purple Heart on iTunes. 
#7 - I'm Wit It (feat. Datin, Bumps Inf & Bizzle) produced by Dilemma


Hello World || when I started this, my goal was to be able to create a platform that not only showcases my production but also showcases artists I believe in. I wanted to create something that felt honest and true to my personality as well as my talents. I wanted to create a live DJ set for all ages to enjoy.  So even though this is only my 2nd official show, I'm so excited about what the future holds for my INRGI sets . We're just getting started!  Here I'm am at DROM rockin & rollin! 

New Music || The LaLa Groove

A good idea never dies and will haunt you until you bring it to life.  The LaLa Groove is one of those ideas that has been in my head for a very long time and finally I'm able to share it. The groove is all about creating a sincere energy of good vibes, hope, and joy. I wanted to create something that would  put a smile on your face, something you can sing along and dance to as soon as you hear it. 

I reached out to my friend Man-Man to ask for some of his talkbox magic and of course my man Joe made everything make sense sonically. I can't wait to perform this record live at my next INRGI show! If you like it please share and download. 

*produced by DILEMMA
*talkbox - ManMan (Philly)
*mixed - JoeLogic

Photo Recap || A few pics from of the #IAMJOJOTOUR with JoJo & Aaron Camper {Cincinnati, Kanas City, Chicago, LA, ATL, Dallas, Houston, Dc, Boston, Toronto, Detroit}