Introducing Brand New Music App "JAMMER"

What My Ex Do by @beanofrench &@officialdilemma Download the app @jammerapp for free!! The coolest thing about Jammer is that it gives you the opportunity to experience the song in a new way. The listener has full control of how the song is played, so have fun with it! And let me know what what you think about the song!

My Top 3 records I've produced for Bizzle (God Over Money)

I was introduced to Bizzle's music in 2010. I was riding around with my homie who was playing one of his mixtapes. I heard this one punchline about God saying you can reset your life like a nintendo wifi set and I was like "ayo?! who is that!?!" lol. 7 years later, I've been blessed and forever grateful to have worked on almost every single one of his album since then. With so many good records to choose from, I had to pick my top 3 songs I've produced for Bizzle. 

                          Honorable Mention: Bizzle "God Over Money" 

#3 Bizzle Feat. No Malice


#2 Bizzle Feat. Jonathan McReynolds

Knock Off Love

#1 Bizzle - ft. Lavoisier & Datin

Love We Share

New Music Darling Baby by Beano French feat: Annie Miller

When creating no idea is a bad one, just be patient which yourself, believe in that idea and bring it to life the best way you know how. Sometimes you might have to come back to the idea years later when you're a lil more developed & apply whatever new tricks you've learned. #DarlingBaby was one of those ideas I had to come back to and I'm so thankful I didn't give up on it when Joe & I started it. God really showed off on this one. The way he put all this together, everyone at the right place at the right time, with the right mindset. No matter where you live, what you don't have, who you don't know, he can make a way- feeling highly flavored.

Beano French feat Annie Miller - Darling Baby

Produced by me
Written by @NoelScales 
Recorded by Dilemma & @JoeLogic215 ( Milk Boy Studio, Phila) 
additional production Matt Gee Wong


(Official Video) Dilemma - I Ain't Sh*t feat. Modesty Lycan & Shawn Smith

#helloworld || What I love most about this record outside of the way it was created is that it's relatable. It’s something that we think, but would never normally say. With such a strong female perspective, I thought a male viewpoint would give a nice balance to both sides of the topic.  Shawn Smith is such an amazing lyricist I knew he could bring the right dynamic to the record. I’m very excited that the song is being well received. It’s funny to see how many people are really being honest with themselves. Cause you know sometimes, no matter how hard we try to be good, we have our moments were we ain’t shit.;)

Chasing the Fog by Karim Rashad

When the right person, captures the right visual, at the right time to your musical soundscape magic happens. Karim Rashad is that right person. I've been working with him for years, I'm still blown away of how amazing his mind works and how he sees sound.
 Take a min to vibe out to a little something he put together with my music. 
#dronestagram #canon #dji #beautifuldestinations

INRGI || Reuben's Marc {Video} APOV (Audience Point Of View)

I wanted to create a platform where I could spotlight artists I'm working with, showcase my production & curate a special experience for music lovers. Last night was a testament to the fact that INRGI is something special and people appreciate my creative approach to a live show! Special thank you to Larry Lambert for inviting me out, Beano French and of course my INRGI horn players - Chris Stevens, Darryl Bennett, Nina Rosen, Arnetta Johnson. THANK YOU to everyone that came out to have fun! If you wanna book INRGI for a festival or show click here

DILEMMA needs your vote!!

I'm honored for the opportunity to be slated to run for The Recording Academy Philadelphia Chapter Board this year. For the past 10 years, the music industry has sustained me, taught me some hard lessons, and given me the opportunity to do what I love every single day. With all that it gives me, I realize at this point in my career, that I'm also looking forward to giving back and fighting to maintain the integrity of what matters most, the music and its creators. So given the opportunity to be a part of the leadership, I look forward to working with members of the local community to further our diverse efforts to sustain our business across genre, across the country and represent for the Philly music makers. Also, if you have any questions about becoming a member of The Recording Academy (Philadelphia Chapter) feel free to hit up! #helloworld